Specialized Coatings
Manufacturers and fabricators

Specialized Coatings works with a variety of manufacturers and fabrication shops to help provide expert powder coating for engines, patio furniture, automobile parts, and metals. We are used by automobile manufacturers and repair shops throughout the area because of our quick turnaround time. We use UPS for all our ground shipping and services.

We work with top-brand manufacturers

We are EPA and AQMD licensed and always provide safe and efficient service.

Specialized Coatings works with a wide variety of manufacturers.  Our facility is capable of running multiple jobs at the same time.

We can handle large production runs

- We work with many manufacturers and fabricators

- We can handle parts up to 25' in length and 10' in width

- We will coat single pieces to production runs

- We coat parts weighing up to 5000 pounds

- We can pick up and deliver

Our manufacturer services:

To ask about our manufacturer contracts or services, call: