Specialized Coatings
Ceramic coating

Whether you want ceramic coating for the look, durability, or performance enhancements, Specialized Coatings has been in business since 1996 and provides exceptional service on our metal coatings. Not only do thermal ceramic coatings provide a long-lasting finish, they are also heat resistant and can help your car, truck or motorcycle run smoother. Our showroom provides excellent turnaround times for all ceramic coating services to help you get back on the road quicker.

Heat resistant ceramic coating

All our products and services are EPA and AQMD licensed. We provide environmentally safe and efficient services.

We specialize in making metal beautiful. Our professional equipment and state-of-the-art technology always leaves a professional showroom finish for your car, truck, or motorcycle.

Always a professional showroom finish

- Complete line of exhaust coatings including Chromex, Titanium, and Black.

- Engine performance coatings for pistons, bearings, cases and valves.

- Thermal dispersants and anti-friction coatings also available.

- Thermal coatings are engineered for performance and will:

       - resist heat up to 2,000+ degrees - Black exhaust ceramic

       - have a high polished "chrome-like" finish - Chromex ceramic

       - reduce radiant temperatures and gain horsepower

       - will not rust, blue, flake, or peel

Our ceramic coating services include:

No appointment is necessary to stop in and see what our technicians have to offer. Call ahead and speak with us.


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Test Results for Ceramic Exhaust Coating:        Test Results for Ceramic Firearms Coating:

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